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From the grassland plateau in eastern Žumberak on the height of 795 meters above sea-level there is a spectacular view on surrounding hills, to the west up to Sveta Gera – the highest point of Žuberačka gora and to the east up to Japetić - the highest peak of the Samoborsko gorje, as well as on the villages scattered around.

It is easy to climb to the top from the villages of Višoševići or Pavković, from where you can head towards Budinjak hiking over grasslands rich with flora via Brezovec Žumberački, Golubići (former name was Grabar), Jelenići and Kordići.
Majority of these villages belong to Greek Catholic parish of Grabar. It was founded in 1810, and the area was populated by the Uskoks back in 1530. St John the Baptist's Church in Golubići with surrounding graveyard was built in 1912. On the slopes next to the church you can still see the ruins of former parish house. There is downhill path from the main road to half-cave of Lourdes Mother of God in Čeićka Draga.
This pilgrimage place with a parish well was raised in 1931. Although villages are mainly deserted, some families still nurture a traditional way of life – the water pond in central part of Brezovica is still used for sheep and the family of Gvozdanović at the far end of the village offers home-made cheese and cream.

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By mountaineers' trails
⟩Zečak – Višoševići (20')
⟩Višoševići – Pećno (40')
⟩Višoševići – Dragonoš (1h 40')
⟩Zečak – Japetić (2h 15')


The pilgrimage place Lourdes Mother of God in Čeićka Draga was raised in honor of 1,500th anniversary of Ecclesiastical Council in Efes.

Grasslands are habitats for numerous butterfly species.