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From the village mentioned in historical documents for the first time in 1447, in fine weather you can enjoy views on the Krka and Sava river valleys, hilly landscape of Hrvatsko Zagorje and the massif of Zagrebačka gora. Snow-covered peaks of the Alps, including Triglav make the north-eastern horizon more attractive and memorable when weather is clear.

Legend has it that the oldest church in Stojdraga was built by Empress Mary Therese. It was erected in the forest near Drmić, few kilometers away of Stojdraga. A graveyard was found next to it in 2008. New St George's Parish Church was built above the village at the beginning of the 19th century. Its lavishly carved and gilt Classicist Baroque iconostasis decorated the cathedral in Križevci until mid 19th century.
At the beginning of the 20th century a park was put up next to the church and parish house. On its eastern slopes a 5-meter-high Millennium cross was erected in memory of the coronation of Croatian king Tomislav. In its erection the mountaineers from Samobor and Zagreb participated together with the parish priest and the locals.
In the former park, on the way to the parish house there is a small resting-place which is a memorial to the first organized automobile day-trip in Croatia – members of Croatian automobile club chose Stojdraga for their first trip.

  • Muzej Uskoka
  • Muzej Uskoka
  • Panorama
  • Sasa
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  • Sv. Juraj


⟩Few kilometers of Stojdraga there is Kravljak, a little village with preserved traditional architecture and chapel of Holy Trinity from 1926. Mountaineers' trail leads you from here to Tuščak – a hill with preserved ruins of a medieval town (one of points on "Žumberak archaeological trail").
⟩Next stop on the road is Budinjak (15 km away).
⟩There are trails towards Koretići or to Poklek as well.


It is opened in the former parish farm house in Stojdraga on this parish patron saint day of St George in 2006. There is a valuable collection of ethnographic items for everyday usage. If you have never seen a comb for hemp or if you do not know what "naćve" is, don't miss sightseeing this interesting place. Except reconstructed ambiences of former Žumberak households, you can also see the coats-of-arms of Žumberak noble families.

Žumberak Uskoks' museum
Parish office of St George's, Stojdraga
Working hours – with prior announcement
Phone & faks: 01/ 3387 600


In March and April, small pasque flower only about 20-centimeter-high plant covered with thick white hairs blooms with bell-like crimson flowers. If you see it on some of Žumberak grassland, DO NOT PICK OR DAMAGE IT!
It is critically endangered and nearly extinct.