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One of the most beautiful creek valleys is Slapnica valley. The creek got its name after numerous waterfalls and cascades over which water falls down narrow and deeply cut 10-kilometer-long valley. Waterfall "Vranjački slap" exceeds in beauty. It is cut in gypsum – "living" stone which disappears still today. Upstream is waterfall "Brisalo" – one of the highest waterfalls in our Park from which water rushes downwards to the small clear lake.

At the far end of the valley there is the only inhabited house in the valley – Draganov mlin (Dragan's mill).
About 100 meters upstream is the spring of the Slapnica behind which is real karstic world hidden. To the south, at confluence of the Slapnica and the Kupčina, you can visit a manor, old village farm of the noble family Medven built in 1868.

  • Slap Brisalo
  • Slap Brisalo
  • Slap Brisalo
  • Slapnica izvorište
  • Slapnica


By car from Krašić or along mountaineers' trail Kostanjevac – the Slapnica valley


Macadam road the Slapnica valley – Pećno – Jelenići
Macadam road the Slapnica valley – Pećno – farther along paved road Višići Vrh – Gornja Vas
Along mountaineer's trails to Gornja Vas or Zečak


Sightseeing the valley by bicycle (macadam road)


Because of its wild beauty and natural resources, the valley of the Slapnica creek is protected by law and designated a landscape of special interest in 1964.

In this valley rare bird species of white-throated dipper is nesting.