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A pictoresque village in the western part of the Park on the slopes of Žumberačka gora with a splendid view of Velika and Mala Kapela, Klek and parts of Bela Krajina and Sveta Gera. Radatovići or Sveta Nedjelja is one of the oldest if not the oldest parish on Žuberak. The parish of Christ's Resurrection was mentioned back in 1623.

The locals mostly live of agriculture and domestic food production. In Badovinci, on the road to Radatovići, is St Nicholas' Greek Catholic Church. Next to it there is a monument to glorious Uskok families with their family coats-of-arms.
In the building of former elementary school there is a small ethnographic collection and a fresco painted by Zlatko Prica and Nikola Reiser. It is painted in 1943 during The Second World War and presents anti-war topic. It is rare, but it cannot be seen at the moment due to excavations.

  • Crkva
  • Crkva
  • Škola i etno zbirka
  • Radatovići
  • Radatovići
  • Zeleni vir


By car Ozalj – Vivodina -Radatovići


By car or along trails to Sveta Gera and Sošice


On the way to Sveta Gera, take a turn to the karstic creek Sušice valley. There you can see waterfall Zeleni Vir.


Jovan Hranilović, the most prominent poet from Žumberak, wrote his best poems "Žumberak elegies" here. In his memory a memorial plaque with his bust was put up over the entrance door to the Church of Christ's Resurrection built in 1870.
Deserted village Gaj is situated between Radatovići and Sveta Gera. It used to be the highest populated settlement above the sea-level on Žumberak (850 m).