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Plešivica is a mountain massif covered mainly by thick forests with the highest peak Čerga. Forests are rich in conifers. These are not autochthonous, but the result of afforestation. There is a belvedere tower set on 778 meters of height above sea-level. The first one was wooden, but it burnt down in 1881. The new one dates from 1905. There is a spectacular view of southern slopes of the mountain with scattered villages and vineyards.

Southern location and mild terrain are ideal for wine grapes so Plešivica is one of the most prominent vineyard areas in Croatia. It is not only famous for its vineyards and vine roads, but is equally attractive to mountaineers. Mountaineering tradition of Samobor area is very old and rich. Central settlement on Plešivica is also called Plešivica. It is famous for its vine festivals and attractive vine road as well as on traditional sledging competition held in January.


Hiking along mountaineers' trail from "Klet Poljanice" on Poljanice, where there is children's playground and terrain for sledging, to the top or to "Gajev kamen". It is a rock in the forest called Gaj with inscription of memorial text in honor to the glory of Ljudevit Gaj.

  • Gajev kamen
  • Kapela Sv. Franje Ksaverskog
  • Klet Poljanice
  • Plešivica
  • Plešivica


Vine festivals of vine in Plešivica
Sledging competition

St George's Parish Church (1768) on Plešivica is famous for its wooden altar. Near is St Francis of Ksaver Chapel, trefoil-shaped building with Baroque altars and valuable statues.


By car
from Jastrebarsko or from Samobor – Rude – Braslovje – Poljanice – Plešivica
or from Samobor – Cerje – Manja Vas – Kotari – Poljanice – Plešivica


Mountaineers' trail lead from "Klet Poljanice" to the top of Plešivica (30') and farther towards Okić to "Gajev kamen" (30') or even further towards Japetić.

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