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Mrzlo Polje is situated in fertile valley intercrossed with three clear mountain creeks just few kilometers of Budinjak. It is the only real karstic field in the whole massive bordered with woodland slopes and with many cracks through which water pours underground.

There is a solitary Greek Catholic Sts Peter and Paul's Parish Church on the road to Glušinja. Its oldest preserved part is the altar area from the 17th century. The rest of the church is later refurbished, so it dates from the 18th and 19th centuries. The belfry was built in the 20th century. Just few steps away are the grounds of former St Lawrence Roman Catholic Church from the 13th century (part of Žumberak archaeological path).
The little village of Javor on the way to Gornja Vas is a uniquely well preserved traditional building complex with wooden houses and farm buildings like hog houses and barns.

From Gornja Vas, which is situated on a mountain slope, there is a view of southern Žumberak peaks and farther on the plain of the river Kupa. Further, on the far end of the south-eastern horizon you can vaguely see Petrova gora and to the south-west you can notice the silhouette of Klek, a legendary mountain where witches rule. But, if you look around yourselves, you can see the photos of Roman graveyard (part of Žumberak archaeological path) exhibited in Fire Brigade quarters in Gornja Vas. St Michael's Church in nearby Kalj is just few minutes away.

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In the graves from the roman Period on meadow Ravnice below Gornja Vas, beside other archaeological material, fragile glass tableware was found. It survived several journeys intact – from northern Italy where it was made it travelled to buyers from Žumberak 2,000 years ago. During recent years it often travels around to exhibitions. Because of its beauty and value it was exhibited even in Rome – the capital of former Empire.