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In the heart of Žumberak there are two hidden valleys worth of attention. The village of Kupčina Žumberačka is situated in one of them and Žumberak in the other. Distance between these villages is about 1.5 km.

Kupčina Žumberačka is the village with preserved traditional architecture with interesting small St Roko's Church with a unique belfry. The small river Kupčina passes through the village and is the longest river in the Park. It is a left tributary of the Kupa. It springs in more places about 1 km upstream from the last house in the village. You can have a pleasant walk to its springs by the village path through "alley of cornelian cherries". These springs are the biggest springs in the whole Park.
The village of Žuberak is in the neighboring valley. On the slope above the village you can see the ruins of fortress of New Town of Žumberak which was the headquarters of Uskok captains. It burned down in 1793. A unique "pillar of shame" used for punishing out-laws is still standing there. Next to it is a parish house – manor built in 1744 with St Nicholas' Church (around 1645) famous for its Gothic doorway.

  • Cornus mas
  • Uskolisna suhoperka
  • Iz domace kuhinje
  • Mlin
  • Mlin
  • Mlin


In the village of Kupčina Jastrebarska you can buy fresh trout in fish pond "Vrabac". Moreover, you can catch them and grill them by yourselves. Gazebos and barbecue facilities are next to the fish pond.


By car Krašić – Kotanjevac - Kupčina Žumberačka – Žumberak
Mountaineers' trail
Žumberak- Hartje – Kalje – Gornja Vas
Žumberak – Tomaševci- ML Vodice above Sošice

Rivers and creeks are very sensitive to any form of pollution and destruction. Keep the Kupčina and other rivers.

Mills are memories on traditional way of producing flour. They can be started only with huge quantities of water with sufficient power. It used to be two hundred of them, but today only few survived. One of them is "Medvedov mlin" on the Kupčina.

The spring of the Kupčina is formed by many smaller springs which join together and form moors. It is a habitat with unique flora - one of typical plant is Eriphorum angutifolium (critically endangered family). It is forbidden to pick it.