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The little village of Budinjak with only ten inhabitants and extremely interesting past is situated near the highest peak in central Žumberak, on the main road between Bregana and Krašić. Hiding for millenniums behind the legend about fairies and elves dancing on Budinjak plateau is nearby archaeological site. It is one of the most prominent in Croatia and remained almost completely preserved until the present day.

Pre-historic site in Budinjak (10th – 6th century BC) together with the one from the Roman period in nearby Bratelji (1st – 2nd century AD) belong to Archaeological park which can be best seen by walking along "Trail of princes".
Roman Catholic chapel of St. Petronila is built on one of the hills at the beginning of the 19th century. It is a simple building with a unique belfry famous all over because of the beautiful view.
Visitors' center of Public institution Eco-centre Budinjak is situated in Budinjak as well.

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  • Čišćenje lokve
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Old and shabby Greek Catholic church had already existed on the hill above Budinjak, which was soon demolished, while considering the idea of the construction of St Petronia's Chapel. It was dedicated to St. Petka but unfortunately only foundations remained, which is a great loss because later archaeological researches showed that it had a rare quadrifoliate shape. Such shape was not found elsewhere in ecclesiastical architecture in Croatia and just several are preserved in Europe.


Water pools used to be of crucial importance for village life all over Žumberak, but today they are neglected because there is less inhabitants who would otherwise take care of them. The loss is considerate because there are numerous interesting creatures that live in and around these water pools. One of them is a male water sprite that has "unique" preparations for mating and mating dance. You will recognize it by loud colors if you patiently wait next to any water pool in Budinjak or elsewhere and take a close look at its vibrant life.


Budinjak prince who lived in the 8th century BC was one of the richest and most powerful pre-historical people in the area. He was placed in the grave together with his warrior gear – a spear in his hand, a helmet on his chest and decorative gear for his horse. An iron-age smelter made it using a very complex technological procedure. Every future find of this type of the helmet elsewhere in Europe will carry the name "Budinjak".


Mrzlo Polje and Gornja Vas that can be reached by car or hiking along trail.