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Length 53 km
Time 7 h (by car + walking)

Archaeological trail
The experts in archaeological heritage of Žumberak will, without problem, count about forty sites from different historical periods as it is their number found in this area by now. If you ask them which of them you should visit, they will recommend the most approachable and best researched ones.

The trail of "Žumberak archaeological trail" links exactly such finds – six of them discovered near the main road from Bregana to Krašić.

In Grdanjci and Sošice, the starting and the final point of the trail (or vice versa, depending on the direction you started from), don't expect to meet the ruins of ancient towns nor other presented testimonies of archaeological past. We surely recommend you to visit our Monitoring points to get useful information, advice and printed brochures and go on.


Length 2,5 km
Time 1 h
Possibility all year round
Tour with expert guides with prior announcement

Archaeological trail
The Old Town of Okić is in front of you. To get to know it better, make sure you have an hour, three thousand steps in your legs, and half a liter of water to refresh yourself. If you have all of that - the Okić educational trail is awaiting you. The circular trail that starts and ends here will lead you around Okić. After passing 2.5 kilometers of mostly flat and undemanding terrain, you will discover what has forever drawn visitors to craggy Okić. When you return to this spot, you will know what determined the present shape of Okić, what was its strategic importance, and how people experienced, valued, and used it through history. Then, when you start to climb toward the Old Town of Okić, you will feel like you are going to visit an old friend.


Length 4,2 km
Time 2 h
Possibility of individual visit is possible during all year
Tour with expert guides
⟩ from May to October – Sundays and Mondays 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
⟩ Mon - Fri, including the period from October to May – with prior announcement

If you start your walk along "Trail of Princess", you will find yourselves on the path through rich history of Budinjak in the countryside people shaped and took care of by living in accordance with nature.
You cannot get lost – the trail that starts in front of Eco-centre Budinjak is marked with wooden columns with informational plates about direction and points on the trail. Two different archaeological sites in Archaeological park – one from the Early Iron Age in Budinjak and other from the Roman period in Bratelji – will be recognized by informational plates.


NOTICE: The trail is currently under reconstruction as part of the Enjoyheritage project implementation. The renewed trail will be available by the end of the 2018.

Length 800 m
Time 45 min
Possibility all year round
Tour with expert guides with prior announcement

A ten-minute drive from the Budinjak Visitor and Educational Center will bring you to a small karst depression between villages Dane and Kordići. There you will learn why ground water is so important to the karst area. Discover how our ancestors took care of that „treasure“, why ponds and streams are now neglected and what their importance for biodiversity conservation is.


Length 2 km
Time 1 h
Possibility of individual visit is possible during all year
Tour with expert guides with prior announcement

Voćarska staza
If you decide for pleasant walk along Vivodina area, and want to learn something, you just need our educational trail "Where fruit ripens". We are here, on mild slopes looking towards the south where people have been producing fruit for a long time. You start your walk from Ozalj or Krašić. It is situated in Lović Prekriški, a little village above the place of Vivodina. A pleasant walk will take you to ten educational points which tell you that an orchard is not just the place where people produce their food. Of course, it is its crucial point, but there are numerous small animals that live in orchards.When villages die out, orchards, vineyards, grassland and all their inhabitants disappear as well. From one of the points of our trail there is a spectacular view on woods, vineyards, orchards and grassland. The beauty of the views all around from Lović is mentioned by writer Davorin Trstenjak: Who was not on Lović, saw nothing of Croatian homeland.



Length 35 km
Time 12 h
Possibility of individual visit is possible during all year

Put kraljice bukve

The first educational trail in the Nature Park was named after the unique example of the beech with exceptionally straight tree that grows near Blaževo Brdo and leads from Sošice to
Slani Dol.

Following the path marked with recognizable green plates fastened to wooden columns, visitors can not only enjoy the preserved nature, but also see rare and protected plants in their endangered habitat. It is easy to notice how people contributed to the diversity of countryside through their activities as well as witness increasing abandoning of traditional way of life in this rural area.

Sošice – Jazovka

Trail that is not too steep begins in Sošice towards Jazovka pit along paved road surrounded by fields. After it passes through the village, it enters to the forest next to deserted pastures until the intersection towards Jazovka.
Time 15' + 5' to the pit
Level easy

Jazovka – Waterfall Sopot – ML Vodice

The trail continues along paved road and after 5 minutes it comes to the village of Sopote. At the crucifix it turns left to Virgin Mary's Assumption Church and continues through moor to the intersection with branches for "Sopotski slap" or for ML Vodice. The trail towards "Sopotski slap" descends and after 10 minutes it comes to the waterfall and mill. If you move on at the intersection directly towards ML Vodice, in ten minutes you come to upper part of the waterfall with dolomite rocks. After 15-minute-walk by the creek and over two small bridges, you come to the area full of pioneer vegetation. After steep ascend through beech forest you come to mountaineers' lodge on Vodice in 45 minutes.
Time 2 h
Level moderately steep ascend

ML Vodice – Ječmište

Old macadam road from the lodge leads you to Ječmište and in 10 minutes you come to "Rajska vrata" where there is a deserted quarry and belvedere. Continue following the macadam road and in 10 minutes you are on the intersection from where you can continue on marked mountaineers' trail or stay on macadam road and in 15 minutes reach the field with numerous karst sink-holes and valleys. Both paths join together and lead towards grassland and are surrounded by karst valleys and beautiful belvederes. After 35 minutes, it descends to basin covered with birch forest. After 15 minutes, the trail steeply ascends and in 35 minutes you reach Ječmište.
Time 1h 45'
Level moderately demanding to hard

Ječmište – Hunters' lodge "Kuna" Kalje

From Ječmište, the trail passes through woodland and grassland habitats that interchange. After 20 minutes it comes out from forest and passes through fields with abysses. When you come to the intersection, another trail detaches to the left towards HS "Kuna" Kalje (1').
Time 40'
Level easy

HL "Kuna" Kalje – Grič – Gornja Vas

From the intersection, you head to the right along macadam through grassland until the intersection for Grič. The trail passes through village and winds through beech forest and then through planted spruce forest until the junction with the road to Petričko Selo. The trail continues to the left to water reservoir, where you turn to the right and pass near the pond from where you continue along the marked wood path. When you come out of the wood, you come to birch forest and neglected grassland with a nice view and full of juniper. The trail passes on village road and descends through pastures to the juncture with paved road at the Volunteer Fire Department in Gornja Vas.
Time 1,30h
Level easy

Gornja Vas - Mrzlo Polje

The trail descends near old houses built in traditional fashion and continues mildly down along fields and winds through old orchards. After 20 minutes you reach the first houses in Javor and at the crucifixion come to paved road until its end. You continue along macadam road, and then along marked trail through fields and orchards in Glušinje until the next junction with the macadam road. When you come out of the village, you directly head to the church in Mrzlo Polje.
Time 40'
Level easy

Mrzlo Polje - Kordići - Šimraki - Koretić mlin

After you leave the village, the trail mildly winds uphill to Prevag and then through beech forest and beautiful pastures. You reach macadam road at Koretić after 45 minutes. There opens the view on karst field, birch forest and ponds. You turn to the right on the road to Kordić. After the trail leaves the village, it winds through fields as the village road and enters the forest with limestone grounds and sink-holes and comes to the intersection in Šimraki where you turn to the left for Koretići.
Time 2 h 15'
Level moderately hard

Koretići - Jarušje - Dragonoš

From the resort you can head to the left and need 15 minutes to "Scout center" or to the right and after 5 minutes there is a mark, from where you start uphill toeards Jarušje. You move on along macadam road to Dragonoš.
Time 1h 30'
Level moderately hard to hard

Dragonoš – ML St Bernard – Slani Dol

At the intersection in Dragonoš you turn to the left on the trail leading to Mountaineers' lodge St. Bernard. You need 30 minutes through woodland and grassland eco-systems. The trail moves on through beech forest and partly steep sections and gullies. It continues through marked trail through woodlands, meadows, belvederes and rest-points. You come to the plate which marks the border of the Nature Park. Signposts lead you through fields and village to Eco-center slain Dol where you can get additional information and visit exhibition.
Time 2 h 15'
Level moderately hard


The park is intersected with more than 347 km of marked mountaineers' trails which pass through its nicest, but hidden part as well. In following charts you can see general features of trails, their short description and walking time. We hope you will find something for yourselves.

Before you set off to a day-trip, we kindly ask you inform yourselves about weather conditions, have a more detail look at the map, choose the trail that suits your physical shape and take suitable clothes and footwear, and ENJOY!
Recommended literature – Alana Čaplar (2004) Samoborsko and Žumberačko gorje: guide for mountaineers and day-trippers, Croatian mountaineers' society, Zagreb.